Itchy Dry Ear Canals

  • Avoid using Q-Tips®, hairpins, keys, toothpicks.

  • Avoid using alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Cerumenex®, and Debrox®.

  • Use mineral oil, baby oil, olive oil, or sweet oil.

  • Pull up on outer ear to help open the canal, then apply the oil. Place a few drops in ear canal with medicine dropper.

  • Push gently on little cartilage in front of ear (tragus).

  • You may place a piece of clean cotton in ear canal.

  • Oil may be applied as often as you wish. 

  • You may use plain Vaseline®. Put some on end of little finger and place into ear canal. Push on tragus. Use as needed.

  • If given a prescription ointment, apply like Vaseline®.

  • Avoid getting soapy water, dirty shampoo water, hairspray, or other irritants in ear canal by using cotton or cotton-Vaseline® ball as protection.

  • Use the oil, Vaseline®, or ointment as often as you wish when the ears itch.